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In this digital age, the world stands on the brink of disaster. Economies cling to each other like the rotting leaves cling to Autumn's dirty boots as they are shredded by a wintery road. A world fragmented by every degree of separation imaginable. A civilization lied to, and spoon-fed truth-searing idioms meant to keep the masses compliant. Confusion, misinformation, and fear are the new 9 to 5.

And as this new world spins hopelessly out of control like Satan's Tea Cups, only one man has the strength to bring stillness to the chaos. The resolve and dedication to hand-deliver little carbon-based liferafts to those of us endlessly floating in a sea of unknowingness. Whose hands are stained with the ink of truth and smell like the delicate charcoal-scented flower of knowledge. A man determined to brave elements, idiots, and that stupid miniature corner-fence decoratively placed, albeit unlit and hidden, in front of your azelia bushes.

Not just any man. A Paper Man...

The Ugly Sweater Hypothesis: Volume 1

The Ugly Sweater Hypothesis: Volume 1

True science often leads down many strange and unexpected paths, but it's within these paths that we often find the greatest gifts of all. True scientific discoveries. We've taken that gift part very seriously as we attempt to unravel the meaning of Christmas by way of the Ugly Sweater. Just as no traveler should wander alone, we've enlisted the help of several colleagues as we begin to navigate the Holiday landscape.

We proudly present to you the first in a series of bi-annual (or perhaps perennial if the time and mood strikes precisely) releases. Containing 6 holiday classics, and because every test needs a control group, our own original Holiday composition. So break out the eggnog, snuggle up in your comfiest pajamas, and throw another yule log on the fire, as we dive deep into the science of the Holiday season.

Special thanks to Kelley Calpin, Alexis J. Leon, and njaski; without whom this project would not be possible.

The Room & The Rug

The Room & The Rug

When we began forming the concept for The Room and The Rug, we knew we had a special thing going. We were going to be operating in a realm of pure emotion. Raw, unfiltered thoughts and feelings were the kindling that sparked the fire. The Silence was born from an old-fashioned lockdown session that forced a sort of impassioned reckoning. Faced with thoughts of loss and essentially relearning how to grieve became the catalyst of what would shape the EP.

As every loss is different, so is every reconciliation whether it be in this life of the next. What the listener takes away from this album should be special and unique to them, and not just a construct of what they believe our perception is. The experience is meant to be as genuine and authentic as the listener allows.

Welcome to the Garden

Welcome to the Garden

Welcome to the Garden allowed the Velvet Tomato Experiment to explore the root of what would become their first digital establishment. A broad cross-section of individualized pocket focus-groups of melody. None like the previous, or the next. As the experiment has always suggested, containment to one type often narrows the broader view.

Collaborative Science

Life-altering science is rarely a singular effort. Most often, it is the collective efforts of scienctists from around the world pouring tireless hours into a collaboration of theories to bring about one prevailing breakthrough.

In this focus-experiment, we feature the work of Dr. njaski. The good doctor has been developing his theorem for the eradication of Trifolium for over 20 years, but has never been able to overcome what he profoundly referred to as the "Sub-Axis Factor". It was only after a chance encounter at an interdimensional conference for the advancement of astral-quantology that lead to the collaborative efforts before you now.

Become ... Subjected

The Velvet Tomato Experiment continues to steer the sonic starship into galaxies unknown. Evoking thoughts and feelings from the deepest recesses of the mind and creating new experiences through the universal science of music. A journey not meant to be limited to one genre, infusing the listener within the project. Existing in a place just beyond the surface, while simultaneously between the molecules. Within the center of that chaos, is where true harmony exists. But how does one bottle the brink of insanity? Follow us as we attempt to answer that question.

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